Burner Fashion – All over the Map!

Heather Hale
Dress: LucieLu
Tights: AdditionElle
Shoe: Aldo 

Sarah Griffith – Oregon

Heather – Vancouver, Canada

These are some women I met a couple of weeks ago at the Burning Man Regional Summit. My husband and I have been volunteer registrars for the last six years. The Regional Summit is a leadership conference that allows Burning Man community leaders to stay in touch and learn from one another.  This is what I wore to the Summit.  I said I would bring you a little fashion from the Summit and here it is.  What I loved most is the variety. There was a little funk, and little everyday wear and a little verve.  I cannot even tell you how happy it makes me to be a part of this event and meet people from all over the world.

The photos of Kameron Hammon from Utah and her fabulous outfit were lost.  Hopefully she will send some new photos to me at affinitymingle@gmail.com …affinity

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  1. Hey affinity, thanks for the fabulous fun post! Great to meet you at the summit and hope our path cross again soon. Heather H.

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