DKNYC Print Sequin Dress – How does it fit?

I found this fabulous, beautifully made, and much more attractive than in the photo, dress in several locations on the web on sale for various amounts.  I purchased it from Macy’s in a 3X (I usually wear a 4X) .  I loved it but it was a little large in the arms and would have needed some tailoring.  But I will keep my eye out for DKNYC from now on.  Their clothes are fun, stylish, they are sized about a size larger and they must make an abundance of them because they seem to go on sale… affinity 

So, while writing this post, I fell back in love with this dress and I re-ordered it from Bloomingdales (still on sale).   
Bloomingdale’s 1X – 3X

One thought on “DKNYC Print Sequin Dress – How does it fit?

  1. I was going thru my drawer yesterday and guess what I found, the DKNY Dress, I guess I did not send it back. I am taking it to the tailor today, so watch this space for my first outing in it and how it fits, and what I had done to make it fit my apple shaped size 26-28 body better, that you might not need to have done.

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