DKNY Jeans Tiered Skirt – How Does It Fit?

I bought this Black Tiered Skirt from DKNY Jeans on sale in a size 26-28.  The “Jeans” line appears to have one size larger than the DKNYC line, but it is actually about the same size, a very generous 4X, in my opinion.  I think I am going to cut one tier off because it is a little long the way it is and it will have more flow and swish a layer shorter.  I will put up a photo when I put together an outfit.  And yes it is on sale…affinity

3 thoughts on “DKNY Jeans Tiered Skirt – How Does It Fit?

  1. Hi! Just new to your blog today 🙂 Seeing some cute ideas!

    Just one question/suggestion: Are you able to post your external links so that they open in a new tab/window? If you lead us off of your blog to see pretty things, we may never come back! Or have a hard time finding our place 🙂


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