My Summer Wardrobe in a 4X at Kmart!

A couple of years ago I bought a summer dress at Kmart that I am still wearing and loving. I thought it might be interesting to see what kind of summer wardrobe I could put together if I were shopping at Kmart this summer, still wearing a Size 4X. Here is some of what I found.

Black Tropical Capris (All 4X)                  Black Tank Top Gray Crewneck Tshirt        Black

Black Tropical Capris                                                     Black Lace Trim Tank Top
Gray Crewneck T-shirt                                                    Black V-Neck Tee

The first outfit I found was a great pair of tropical print capris and three shirts that could be worn with them. There were of course a variety of others.

Palm Frond Earrings  Torrid Necklace Bangle Bracelets  Palm Frond Brooch

Palm Frond Earrings                                                                       Torrid Necklace
Bangle Bracelets                                                                             Palm Frond Brooch

And just to make the outfit a little more fun here is some inexpensive jewelry to dress it up. I would not think of going out in public without a bangle bracelet and earrings these days.

Navy Striped Top        Mixed Blues Floral Top Navy Capris   Blue  Blus Lace Tank Top

Navy Striped Top                                                       Mixed Blues Floral  Top
Navy Capris                              Blue Tropical Tee                                 Floral Lace Tank Top

Then I found some basic navy capris, with several choices of tops that had some navy in them.

And then for the pièce de résistance, they had JAMMIES. Jammies with shorts, jammies with capris and even nightgowns. But whatever color you could want.

I was quite pleased at how inexpensively I could put together and fun and versatile summer wardrobe. If I needed a more conservative wardrobe, they had long pants and button down shirts that would be sufficient for most casual day work.


Kmart Festival Dress – OMG – It Fits!

 This week there was a going away party at the Burning Man Headquarters because one of my favorite people ever and the Communications Manager and Regional Network Manager, Andie Grace is moving on.  She was my boss when I was the Wedding Coordinator for Burning Man for several years and I will miss her terribly. Although it was 68 degrees in San Francisco that day I knew it would be warm at the party so I wore my new sundress.

A couple of weeks ago I decided that I should check out kmart’s plus size clothes, just ’cause.  I ordered this Festival Dress in a Size 26-28 (my size)  for $18.74 with an extra 15% off, and it is 100% cotton, what a bargain.  I had no  hope of it fitting and then it came and when I tried it on it did not fit, but while I was putting it back in the bag and felt a drawstring which untied and then tried again – and OMG it fits and it is precious.  I cannot remember the last time I was so happy with a piece of clothing.  It was made for Burning Man or a hot day in the city.  It also comes in a print and if you wear this sort of thing it is a must have.  You might also want to check out the rest of the Love Your Style Love Your Size line.  I am pleasantly surprised by kmart plus sizes…affinity

Necklace: I made this is 2009, Precious Metal Clay and Colored Pencil
Bra: White strapless Goddess bra, fabric spray painted green for project
Bracelet: Handmade gift at Burning Man 2006
Earrings: Dichroic Glass from Etsy

Just for your amusement I have added a photo of the project that the bra was spray painted for, I made a life size paper mache of Tara: the Tibetian Goddess of Compassion.  I don’t paper mache anymore but I thought this might make you smile.
photo of me and Tara: Julian Cash

photo: George Post