Yep, it’s Burning Man Season

I leave in two days for Burning Man.  My husband has been there for a month helping to build the infrastructure for the event.  There will be about 60,000 people this year.  If you want to follow my blogging about Burning Man now and then, check here.  My friend Jennifer Raiser and I have a new tradition of doing something together to get ready to go.  Jennifer is also a blogger but in the big time, The Huffington Post, and SF Wire.  But mostly we are simpatico, we just “get” each other.  This year we decided to do sparkly mani/pedis at Wild Orchid Salon, a luxe downtown salon in San Francisco.  You cannot really tell but Jennifer has a “skull” on her big toe, and I have some purple flames under that glitter on a couple of nails.  I promise to bring a better camera next time.  We had a great time and you get to see the results.

Two years ago we did henna.  Fun but I just did not quite get in the swing of it, but thought you might enjoy seeing our photos.  

I don’t know what kind of connectivity I will have from Burning Man but I wil try to show you some fun clothes and a taste of the event from my point of view.  I will catch up with you upon my return if I can’t blog from – out there in the desert.  Ciao Bellas…affinity

Kmart Festival Dress – OMG – It Fits!

 This week there was a going away party at the Burning Man Headquarters because one of my favorite people ever and the Communications Manager and Regional Network Manager, Andie Grace is moving on.  She was my boss when I was the Wedding Coordinator for Burning Man for several years and I will miss her terribly. Although it was 68 degrees in San Francisco that day I knew it would be warm at the party so I wore my new sundress.

A couple of weeks ago I decided that I should check out kmart’s plus size clothes, just ’cause.  I ordered this Festival Dress in a Size 26-28 (my size)  for $18.74 with an extra 15% off, and it is 100% cotton, what a bargain.  I had no  hope of it fitting and then it came and when I tried it on it did not fit, but while I was putting it back in the bag and felt a drawstring which untied and then tried again – and OMG it fits and it is precious.  I cannot remember the last time I was so happy with a piece of clothing.  It was made for Burning Man or a hot day in the city.  It also comes in a print and if you wear this sort of thing it is a must have.  You might also want to check out the rest of the Love Your Style Love Your Size line.  I am pleasantly surprised by kmart plus sizes…affinity

Necklace: I made this is 2009, Precious Metal Clay and Colored Pencil
Bra: White strapless Goddess bra, fabric spray painted green for project
Bracelet: Handmade gift at Burning Man 2006
Earrings: Dichroic Glass from Etsy

Just for your amusement I have added a photo of the project that the bra was spray painted for, I made a life size paper mache of Tara: the Tibetian Goddess of Compassion.  I don’t paper mache anymore but I thought this might make you smile.
photo of me and Tara: Julian Cash

photo: George Post

Burner Fashion – All over the Map!

Heather Hale
Dress: LucieLu
Tights: AdditionElle
Shoe: Aldo 

Sarah Griffith – Oregon

Heather – Vancouver, Canada

These are some women I met a couple of weeks ago at the Burning Man Regional Summit. My husband and I have been volunteer registrars for the last six years. The Regional Summit is a leadership conference that allows Burning Man community leaders to stay in touch and learn from one another.  This is what I wore to the Summit.  I said I would bring you a little fashion from the Summit and here it is.  What I loved most is the variety. There was a little funk, and little everyday wear and a little verve.  I cannot even tell you how happy it makes me to be a part of this event and meet people from all over the world.

The photos of Kameron Hammon from Utah and her fabulous outfit were lost.  Hopefully she will send some new photos to me at …affinity