A Giveaway of ‘Yours Clothing’

Silver Belt Not Included

Silver Belt Not Included

A couple of months ago Yours Clothing sent me some clothes to review, and guess what, they accidentally sent me an extra set of all four pieces of clothing, and did not want them back, so I am giving them away…TO YOU.

      • The clothes above are all U.S. size 26 – 28
      • You must have a U.S. mailing address.
      • No purchase necessary
      • All four items will be given to the same winner
      • The winner will be drawn out of a hat at random, with one entry for each point (actually chosen at random by the giveaway software Rafflecopter)
      • This giveaway is not sponsored by Yours Clothing
      • Giveaway ends July 7th, 2013



What Shape are YOU?

IGIGI sent me this info graphic that highlights body shapes and provides insights on what types of clothing complement each body type.  By their definitions I am an Oval, but I almost always tuck-in my shirts, and tend to belt at my natural waist.

Please let me know how you feel about seeing this sort of content.  I kind of like to see what is going on out there so it would be my bias to use it unless you object.

shape-stylist   Peace…affinity

Plus Size Tights, Leggings & Jeggings – Size 4X +

One of my fashion role models is my friend and fashion designer, Amber Clisura.  She did not wear pants in 2011 as evidenced by her blog No Pants.  We will be hearing from her soon, she just started a clothing line, Salt Clothing, and is showing her first Spring Line in a couple of weeks. She loves tights and wears them often, and she taught me how fun and useful tights are.

I am a pretty standard size 26 -28 or size 4X, I weigh 275 lbs. and I am 5’5″. In addition, my ankles are 9 1/2″, my calves 18 1/2″, my thighs are 27″, my hips 59″ and my waist is 54 1/2″.

So here is a little round-up of what has worked, what has not, and what I am excited to try next:

The Best So Far:

Sock Dreams Tights: This just in, I am hearing great things about these Sock Dreams tights in an Extra Plus Size, and come in both 180 denier and 20 denier (thickness of the fabric),

We Love Colors Plus Sized Tights: They carry a variety of plus size tights and leggings, use the charts carefully.I find them pretty true to size with maybe a 25 lb. margin.

We Love Colors striped tights in both the black striped tights and the white striped tight are “one size fits all” plus size tights, and the chart is below.  These tights just fit me, and I love them.

we love color plus sized one size tights chart

May 2014 Update: We Love Color is no longer carrying striped tights. I am heartbroken.
We Love color

Update: April 2013:  I just tried the plus size fishnets and the “one size” 1x – 3x fit perfectly, but I think I am at the top of their range, the size chart says hips to 48 inches, but they are also not very long. Update: May 2013: I just wore the fishnets for the second time today and they looked great when I put them on, and pulled easily above my waist, but within an hour they were falling down and since I was wearing a fairly short dress over them it was concerning.  I will probably not buy them again but will stick to striped and solid color tights.

On the other hand We Love Colors has a solid color tight that runs up to 375 lbs., (and maybe even a little higher).  I think they are the go-to tight if you are looking for an amazing range of colors, and I love that they last a long time.

we love color plus size tights chart

Sealed With A Kiss: They have a “One Size” legging that fits me perfectly.  I have a 54-55′ waist and I love how good they feel. Just a plain black, stretchy, footless, ankle length, legging that feels good and is wearing well.  This is my everyday, throw them on and go sort of legging.

One Size 1X-4X 35 28-52 32-60 22.5


torrid footliss lights sz 2I love Torrid but their have been hit and miss for me.  I cannot wear Torrid Size 3/4, too small.  BUT their footless tights are great on me. I wear a 2 but often the 1 might be better, but might wear out sooner.  But I hate baggy tights.

Lane Bryant:

LB sz 26Lane Bryant tights tend to run large.  I purchased these Size 26-28 because I loved the studs, but they were way too large, and I have a similar pair that is equally baggy,  I am tugging on them in the photo so they will not look too baggy.  I am going to wear them at an event in a couple of weeks and I will have to take them in.

Roaman’s: .

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 7.11.36 AMI ordered a size 4X leggings from Roaman’s.  I did not review their size chart, I did not look at any notes I might have had about sizing for Roaman’s.  But guess what, Roaman’s runs VERY large.  According to their size chart a 4X is equal to a 34-36, not a 26-28, which is what I usually wear.  Good to know! I have this in this capri tight as well as a lace banded capri tight and they both run very large, I look best in a size 1X.

Roaman’s also carries a range of metallic leggings, up to a size 5X. I cannot really recommend metallic leggings in any brand.  No matter what size you get they bunch at the knee and the ankle immediately, and I think the bunching looks worse than in other colors.

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 6.41.05 AMCult of California: These are my favorite tights, I wore them recently to a Mad Max sort of party and I wear them with black boots or flats, often.  The back is not mesh so they are comfortable and the Size 4X fits me perfectly, and they come to a size 5X.  The are pricey, but I love them so, they were my splurge last year.

My Dissappointments:

Berkshire Queen: Silky Sheer Size 5X – 6x, I can just get them on but it is very difficult

Sealed With a Kiss Jeggings: 4X, I cannot get them on, and I am heartbroken.

Excited to Try Soon:

Curvissa:  Curvissa, a plus size brand in the UK, has a great range of clothing including a selection of cool and casual leggings.  They invited me to have a look at their tights and jeggings and I see several pair I want to try.

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 7.39.11 AMThese Fair Isle Print Leggings are my favorite and they come to a UK Size 32 which would be a US Size 30 or a Size 28 at the smallest.  I love them, they are right on trend with the tribal stripes and would look great with a sundress, and there is also an Aztec version.  I also like the lace trim on these.  If I get a chance to try them I will let you know how they fit.

Chubby Cartwheels Leggings:

chubby cartwheelsI have always wanted to try her leggings. I love the lace and these polka dots are precious and of course I love that her leggings come to a US size 32.  I will let you know if I try a pair.

I would love to hear from you if you find other plus size leggings that fit a Size 4X or higher. The more we share information, the more options we will have and the more the retailers will know what we want and need.  Sounds like a win-win for all of us.


UPDATE 3/23/2013:

A couple of Affatshionista’s readers, first Tristy, made some useful comments on Facebook that I have  added to make this a more complete discussion.  I REALLY appreciate it, I love learning from all of you.  She begins by outing my legs as smallish so in my description above I have included my measurements.

Per Tristy  “I have BIG legs and it makes a huge difference in finding tights and leggings. So I’m looking for any blog reviews of Size 4X+ leggings/tights for the big-legged ladies, in case any of you know of some. And what works for my big legs you (didn’t) ask? We Love Colors tights (only the spandex ones), Re/Dress Online‘s Teggings, and Domino Dollhouse‘s leggings fit my big legs great. Torrid, Lane Bryant, Avenue, Roman’s – not at all. I am LIVING for the CULT of California’s Rapture Leggings, so I might just have to give those a try. Did you find that they had a lot of stretch?” (My response, “The Cult of California legging are pretty true to size, not a lot of stretch)”

(Tristy responds) “It sounds like you and I have somewhat opposite bottom halves  I find with this kind of stuff, it’s REALLY helpful to know actual measurements of the person reviewing – my thighs are 33″ around and my calves are 21″ – Hips & tummy are 58″ – so that gives everyone an idea of where I’m coming from  – the reason the brands I listed that don’t work for me, don’t work, is because of my legs. Roman’s goes up to really nice, big sizes, but they only give you more in the waist and not in the legs, so I can barely squeeze my legs in them, but am swimming in the waist area.”

Per Amber,  “I’m with Tristy. I’m big all over, and I’ve got tree trunk legs. My calves are 27 inches at the widest point. (I love them, don’t get me wrong, but dressing them is difficult!) But, I left a comment on your post about tights that worked great for me!”  (That comment is incorporated here)  “When it comes to tights, I recommend these from One Stop Shop. They tend to run on the smaller side, I’d size up a size or two, and they seem to have gotten rid of the 8x, which is what fits my 5’7/430lb body. But that means they will fit anyone smaller than I am.”


Shannon’s Nail Art

shannons nailsLast week I went to lunch with my beloved friend Laura and her niece Shannon, who is a freshman in high school.  I only see Shannon once in awhile but it is always fun. Well at this lunch, Shannon and I discovered a mutual love of Tim Gunn, and then I noticed her nails and I just loved them. This was the first time she had had them done with designs and I loved her choices. I asked her if the nail artist had used decals, and she said, “oh no, they used these little tiny brushes and just drew the designs on.”  How cool is that? Thanks Shannon for letting me share them.


Plus Size Art Deco at Sydney’s Closet

Sydney's Closet

Sydney’s Closet

Did you know you can wear an art deco dress just like Michelle Obama and Halle Berry? Sydney’s Closet carries this fabulous dress up to a size 22, and it is on sale.

Michelle Obama Wearing Naeem Khan

Michelle Obama Wearing Naeem Khan

Halle Berry Wearing Marchesa

Halle Berry Wearing Marchesa

Michelle and Halle looked amazing, and isn’t it nice to know you can too!

Update Fabruary 25, 2013: I have been coveting this Sydney’s Closet deco dress for months, but even when it came in a size 24, I knew it was way too small for me.  When I buy a dress at Sydney’s Closet it works best if I buy from their Signature Collection, and I buy a size 30 and have it taken in. Since I am 64 and carry a lot of weight in my torso and most of the dresses I like are made for teenagers I have to find a way to make it work.  But I just could not find a way to make this work as much as I love it.


Cupcake Nail Art by Jessica

792256_10151495767663900_1101896907_oNail art is everywhere you look, and I love it but I just do not think it is in my range. But it is certainly in Jessica’s. I blogged about Jessica this summer because I liked her DIY outfit at Burning Man and how creative she was.  I recently saw her and she had some fabulous nails and I failed to take a photo, but here is her most current creation, Cupcake Nails. And yes, I think they look like cupcakes. I am very impressed! How fun are these?


Fractured Friday V. 02/08/13

More DeandriThese shoes just amaze me!

More Deandri
These shoes just amaze me!

Have you ever seen PLUS Model Magazine?  There are some great photos and ads. Check it out HERE!

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 4.23.00 PM


I am not going to be blogging Fractured Fridays in the future.  I find I am spending extra time looking for interesting items or photos when I could be providing information about shoes or clothes and how they fit.  I will occasionally have a special page if I feel the need to do so, but for now, goodbye to Fractured Fridays.


The Bay Lights Coming in March 2013

Leo Villareal testing the Bay Lights last week

Leo Villareal testing the Bay Lights last week

Sometimes I just really have to share something from my world with you. I have been a loyal fan in the grand scheme of bringing The Bay Lights to San Francisco. The Grand Lighting Ceremony is March 5, 2013.

To read more about the installation:

The Bay Lights: The Most Inspiring Thing To See in 2013

The artist, Leo Villareal, has been here doing some testing and the fabulous video below gives you a taste of how the Bay Bridge will look over the next couple of years.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRbpjQmvHlk?rel=0]

Of course I have a new dress for the Grand Lighting Ceremony in March.  It is waiting in my closet and I am excited to show it to you, it is a little mod.  One of my very first posts on Affatshionista was the outfit I wore to a fundraiser for the Bay Lights last winter at around this time.

If you are interested in an opportunity to “personalize” one or more lights in The Bay Lights, you can do that here.  It is a beautiful way to memorialize a loved one, give a present, celebrate a holiday, community or group.

Thanks for letting me share my interest in art as well as fatshion.


photo: Lucas@SaugenPhotography.com  |  612.208.9869
video: Adrian Graham