The Raygun Gothic Rocketship Takes Off

zkitty strykerThe Raygun Gothic Rocketship has been at Pier 14 for 2 1/2 years. It has been a fun piece of art for San Francisco.  I am very sad about the Rocketship’s departure and I feel like a little bit of San Francisco is leaving. When I was the blogger for the Black Rock Arts Foundation I wrote about the Rocketship a lot, as you can see if you click here.  Now it is leaving and last night the Space Cowboys put on a street party.  While I was there I met the lovely and interesting, Miss Kitty Stryker, who was part of the Rocketship crew.  I loved her uniform, and  loved it even more when she told me that when she had it made she told the designer that she needed ruffles and cleavage and fun.  So I thought you might like to see how that turned out.

raygun yu bestAnd yes, the party rocked and then the Bay Lights came on.  It was a special moment, that last time these two fabulous pieces of art would been seen together.


photo: David Yu

Plus Size 4X Edwardian or Steampunk Costumes

Edwardian Ball 2011My friend Amber Clisura is back this week with How to Dress for the Edwardian Ball.  I think she provides great costume advice even if you do not happen to be going to the Edwardian Ball. I have a couple of cheap tips and plus size suggestions.

dare to wear corset topThe obvious is a corset top. Dare to Wear has this style and other styles in a 5X, and I hear they run a little small. You can read my review and readers comments HERE.

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 8.40.22 AMYou can find small headbands and “fascinators” everywhere now, but I love the breadth at Amazon, for figuring out how to make your own or buying one inexpensively.  The one above as only $10 plus shipping and would dress up any outfit (second page of the Amazon link). As you may know I live in a costume sort of world so I am always looking for tricks to make it easy.  In the photos in her post some women are wearing bustiers over their clothing, or over a bra, rather than alone.  You get the effect without being so exposed.

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 8.09.32 AMI also find that most stretch or fishnet fingerless gloves fit me just fine, even inexpensive ones (at 275 lbs).  I have not tried these velvet stretch fingerless gloves and they are a little more expensive, but I would be surprised if they did not fit.  In very worst case, if they did not fit you could sew a little piece of black eleastic into one of the seams, easy and effective.

red gloveThese little fishnet gloves I own in many colors, they are very inexpensive and have never found a pair that does not fit.

tie on bustle MIn addition, a Tie-On Bustle, which will make any skirt you own a costume. It says it is one size, but I have worn these before by just replacing the ribbon. If you want to spend more I would check out Etsy.  Steampunk is kind of “Around the World in 80 Daysish” and not unlike Edwardian in the costume world.

So with a pair of gloves, a fascinator, a ribbon around your neck and a tie-on bustle, you could make almost anything in your closet into a Steampunk or Edwardian Costume.  If you want to stretch a little and try a bustier it would make the costume even more authentic.

And a video with lots of ideas that are not size related, make-up, masks, big fun: [youtube]

Hips and Curves has a Steampunk Section on their site. A lot of the collection only runs to a waist measurement of 50″ so that may not be helpful, but they have some cute accessories.

Bustiers: Here is a great bog post, Plus Size and Proud, about Corset Boulevard Global and how they fit and how they look. Great information, and there are a couple of great photos.

In addition, Clockwork Couture has a variety of accessories.

Or you could do a little DIY steampunk, it is all over the web, last year I did a vacuum tube hat and necklace made out of computer and old doll parts.


Fractured Friday v.01/18/2013

Fractured Friday includes items that may not be FATSHION but are a variety of things that have caught my eye that I want to share with you.


Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 10.30.57 AM  OMG! A fabulous men’s fashion blog: Highsnobiety  Thanks for the tip Jenny Strauss.


letters  Woman Within Fashion Glossary


I am the Social Media Coordinator for Cool Neon.  They created this electroluminescent wire peacock costume for Katy Perry in 2010.  I had never seen the video before and I  liked it so much that I thought you might enjoy it too.



dior_hc_aw07_0220_a1On CBS News Sunday Morning, a TV show I have been watching as long as I can remember, they did a review of Hats: An Anthology by Stephen Jones, an exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts.  It was amazing and I want to share this hat in particular that Stephen Jones designed for Dior.  Each little “paint dab” is made up of 2,000 sequins.

Here is a must see video which was made when the exhibit was in New York:



541746_10200420858110902_139194032_nLOVE is 20 feet high and the installation was created by my friends Laura Kimpton and Jeff Schomberg.


D.I.Y. Plus Size 26 Santa – Mrs. Claus Costume

PhotoNicolo_aff santa copy with hatFor the past 6 or 7 years my husband has been Santa at a Volunteer Appreciation Party, so we have more than our share of photos together dressed in Santa costumes, but this is the first year I have had a fatshion blog to share my D.I.Y. costume on.

It is VERY simple:

Hat: Fedora from e4Hats, a lot of their hats run large so I start with them when I am looking for a hat.  It is just a $20 red fedora and I added white marabou around the brim.  I lost it at the party so I will be replacing it.

Cami: Plain red cami from Avenue, Size 26 – 28, I added white marabou around the bodice.

Skirt:  Plain red skirt I purchased on Ebay years ago with a large black waist band, handmade.  But if I were looking for one today I would try Jessica London, Avenue and One Stop Shop.  They all carry Sizes 24+ and are not too expensive.

Leggings:  Leg Avenue Size 3-4X, but the last time I tried that size they were too small.  If I were going to buy them today I would buy them from We Love Color, in this striped tight I am right at top of their size range, but their plain colors go to 375 lbs. (We Love Color no longer makes this striped tight)

Gloves: I buy almost any brand for as little as $5 of fingerless, fishnet gloves.  They have always fit.

Boots:  Last year’s Avenue lace up boot, Size 9.5 W, I wear them often, and the bows were in with my wrapping paper box and I tied them to my laces.

I am thinking of adding white marabou to the bottom of the skirt, what do you think?

My hat disappeared at the party (I rarely lose anything but it is gone, so it is time for a new one).  I purchased this one, which is a little pricey but I loved how fancy and light it was since my head gets too warm inside buildings sometimes.  But it is too big, and I have a big head, so I will be returning it this week.

Screen Shot 2012-12-29 at 9.11.20 AMHope you had a happy holiday,              Ciao Bellas…affinity

photo: Nicolo Sertorio

Update December 2013: I ended up keeping the hat and using it with my Mrs. Claus costume.  I think the new look makes the argument that almost anything will work, even a “go to church on Sunday, hat” it you add your personal touch. santa hat

A Plus Size DIY Kind of Evening


So I went with my friends to a fabulous party recently.  I had a fun time, there was great entertainment and some creative girls with a typewriter and a sewing machine who would write you a story if asked, and then sew fabric trimmings around it to dress it up, how creative is that?  I wore a couple of new pieces I had just made.  First I made this little cybergoddess.  Sometimes I just wake up wanting to do a particular thing, perhaps inspired by something else I have seen.  Mostly she is made of vintage computer, doll and clock parts and an upcycled chain.  I wanted her to be quite large so she has a 3 inch wide base of a newly poured jewelry finding from a vintage mold, and she makes me smile.

IMG_2509I also made a hat with vacuum tubes from radios and televisions that I lit up with some LED lights , everyone tried it on as you will see.  The first shot is in the dark so you can see how it looked without the flash.  I used a little hat base and then attached it to a headband (thanks for that idea Janet, it was great).  The batteries and LED lights are inside the hat in a little styrofoam to create some stability.jenn sydney per din hat

peralta junction aff  19657_1456910492_oIMG_2517IMG_2530IMG_2511     peralta dinner 7873_2136133866_nperalta dinner  JR melissa drea gab  4548_n

The top is a Jones of New York Size 3X that I bought at Macys, and I am not wowed by how it looks or fits, but I love how small the sequins are and that they do not scratch my skin.  The skirt is a older Torrid 5X.  I had a great time with my friends and I am having fun creating little unusual items.

peralta junction dinner  Growden 657_1927782800_operalta junction  _1110002332_oI thought you might also like to see the venue since it was someone’s home/workspace.

peralta junction dinner  4657_458712068_o   Ciao Bellas…affinity

VooDoo Doll Costume – D.I.Y.

So last night we went to a Voodoo Luau Birthday Party.  We had a great time, my friend was turning 39 and had a new deck with a view of the city.  So of course I had to make a new costume.

Top: Torrid – 4X with a heart pin cushion from ebay with stick pins in it, and a few stitches I added of lavender yarn
Skirt: (sorry no photo, it must be in someone else’s camera) 3X Jaclyn Smith from Kmart
Gloves: Amazon – Lace Gloves – Good fit and I love that they were already laced with ribbon.  I like these gloves even better and they look like you could actually adjust the size if you were larger, and they are less expensive.

Ciao Bellas…affinity

D.I.Y. Plus Size 26 or 4X Wonder Woman Costume

I got it in my head that I wanted to be Wonder Woman for Halloween this year and I could not find a costume large enough so I made my own.  I wore it to a little art event on Sunday.  I had fun in my costume and I have included a little tutorial below.  Ciao Bellas…affinity

Cami: Avenue Size 26-28
Skirt: Kmart Love Your Style, Size 3X, elastic waist, not fitted skirt
Boots: Lane Bryant Size 10W, over 30 years old
Tights: We Love Color, Size C/D
Belt: Bob’s Belts, Size 3X, I have worn these belts for years, they are comfortable but the 3X is the largest, and it just fits my size 28 waist, even with the stretch.
Wonder Woman Lasso: Amazon, I purchased it since it could be purchased as a standalone accessory and size was not an issue.  I taped the ends together but next time I wear it I will attach the tacked ends of the rope to the inside of the little hanger loop that was provided so the rope stays in four little loops.

I considered purchasing the Wonder Woman accessories but I found them to be either VERY expensive or made from felt for $8 or $10.  I did not like either option so I decided to make my own.

1.  Wonder Woman Top: I found a Wonder Woman logo which I printed, cut out and cut on all of the black lines and then drew all of the black lines on the cami using a black Sharpie.  I used gold leaf because I have gold leafed for years, but it would have been much easier with gold fabric paint like Pebeo.  It dries well and is easy to use. Like most fabric paint it can be fixed by either ironing (cotton position), for 5 minutes, on the reverse side of the fabric; or in the oven, for 5 minutes at 300˚.  Of course you could use any red t-shirt, I happened to have the cami and I like sleeveless tops because I get too warm.

I just found this Wonder Woman t-shirt at Torrid. I generally wear their 4X in tops, but it also comes in a 5X, it would be a good base for a casual costume.

2. Wonder Woman Skirt: For the skirt I used a black skirt I had (I used it for my bee costume this summer) and used fabric paint to paint it blue.  I liked the effect but it of course would be MUCH easier to use a blue skirt.  I also found more traditional fabric (royal blue fabric with white stars, like the American Flag) but since I do not sew, making a skirt was not an option.  I also found some larger skirts at Jessica London that might have worked but by then I had run out of time.  I purchased a star stencil and used gold spray paint, but a better choice would have been non-spray fabric paint since you would not have an over-spray problem.

3. I found a tiara template, so I used it to cut out the cardboard.  Then I gold leafed it and used the red star from the template and just glued it on.  I used Velcro to fasten it in the back and this template was more than large enough for my head, which I found surprising, but I tightened it a little too much.  After I wore the tiara the first time I trimmed about 1/4 inch along the bottom edge.  It was much more becoming, sorry I did not get a photo of the change.

4. For the cuffs I just wrapped some cardboard around my arms and cut it out and gold leafed it.  I then printed the tiara template a couple of more times and cut out the red star and glued it to the cuffs, although you could just trace around the star from the tiara template and color it in.

5. The belt I painted with gold spray paint although of course it would be easier to just wear a gold belt.  I have always worn belts but have a problem finding them in a size 26-28 since I am my biggest at my waist, so creating a gold belt was easier than trying to buy one.

The cardboard did not hold up very well at the daytime event where it was hot.  So before Halloween night I put a little shellac (could use Mod Podge) to make the cuffs and tiara a little more robust and give them a little more body.

photos: Taken at Peralta Junction
Middle photo: Leori Gill
Bottom Photo: Frankie Norstad

Being Bees on the Playa

The theme at the festival on the desert I go to was Fertility 2.0 this year.  My personal take on it is that because the event is spreading into the world they thought Fertility 2.0 was a good theme.  I do not usually pay much attention to the theme but I was asked to help with registration at a party and could we please dress as bees or flowers or some such thing.  Well guess what, no one else showed up in a costume, but it is a party, right, so we put our smiles on our faces and had fun.

I had not intended to write this post because there is not a perfect photo that is becoming and shows my wings and antennae and outfit.  But we had so much fun and it so makes me smile that I decided to go ahead and write a post.  I bought 2 pairs of antennae and a pair of wings, and then I wrapped my black skirt and tshirt in yellow masking tape, and wrapped up Edgie, who was helping me with registration and has my friend for over 20 years, right at the party.  After the party I took off the masking tape and gave the wings and antenna to a 10 year old who was thrilled to have them, so it was a win all around.  Sometimes it is okay to just be a little silly.  Ciao Bellas…affinity