Torrid Sizes 1X – 4X Bathing Suits

Chelsea Vest

Chelsea Vest

I had not planned on posting about bathing suits this time of year, but I saw two fabulous photos on FatToo Anonymous which is a chat room for members of the FatToo groups on Facebook and I just had to share them.  Doesn’t she look fabulous! This is what Chelsea said about her Torrid bikini. She is wearing a size 1 on the top and size 2 bottom:

My first bikini EVER! I fell in love and even cried cause I am cry baby LOL. I just never thought I would be able to wear one of these EVER but I felt like a million!

And then a few minutes later there was Brianna Smith Leonard trying on this Size 4X. It looks like it might run a little on the small side because she usually wears a size 3X but they did not have one to try on. She just looks precious. If you want to read more from Brianna she has a blog, just click here.

Briana Smith Leonard

Briana Smith Leonard

I know it is a little early, but I love these choices and am so pleased to be able to post about the real world. Thanks Chelsea and Briana for letting me share your photos.

Stina Scott

Stina Scott

Update February 25, 2013: Christina Scott was kind enough to send me her photo in her Torrid one-piece cherry fabric suit, which I love.  I think she looks awesome.  This is what she said about how it fits.

This is the Torrid cherry suit in a size 3. I normally would take a 4. I like my suits tight and this just fits me. I’m a 22/24 top and 26 bottom.

Well it becomes obvious that Torrid is the place to buy a bathing suit this year, whether it is a one piece, two piece or bikini. When I bought this suit over 10 years ago (pre Torrid) it was so boring I HAD to put rhinestones (which you can barely see in this photo) on it before I could even wear it.

Thanks again for sharing your photos with me and my blog, you have no idea how happy it makes me.

Update March 2, 2013: Still getting mixed reviews about sizing of Torrid suits this year but I just read this on Facebook;

If anyone plans on getting one of the one piece bathing suits from Torrid, make sure you size up!! I had to go a size up and honestly I could have done two sizes up if they would have had it in store!


Torrid’s Spring 2013 Look Book

I am happy to see that color blocking, animal prints, sheers and stripes are still on trend for spring because I have those in my closet, and I do not really need new clothes right now.



The Camera Skirt and the Domino Dollhouse Jean Jacket

IMG_2668IMG_2667I fell in love with this custom designed Camera skirt on one of the Facebook plus size thrift stores. The designer has a store on Etsy, Lilipops Designs.  She designs childrens clothes but will take custom orders for skirts that reflect her children’s dresses. I was interested in the camera skirt because I take a lot of photos for this blog and the Burning Man Blog and I was the blogger for the Black Rock Arts Foundation blog until April 2012, so I just had to have it.  The cropped size 4x Jacket is from Domino Dollhouse.

I wore it for the first time last weekend when we went to a lecture by Sean Orlando, a friend of ours who is on an Artist’s Fellowship at the De Young Museum.

The Project he is working on with other artists is the Urbanauts, described as:

Urbanauts is a speculative exploration of urban infrastructure and its relationship to the everyday experience of the contemporary city. Through a series of interwoven conversations, urban expeditions, design charettes, and conjectural artworks based at the de Young, Orlando will collaborate with Rebar to examine and explore the ways in which urban inhabitants relate (or don’t relate) to the largely unseen mechanical systems, societal constructs, and cultural imperatives that mediate and structure life in the built environment.

Then I was browsing Sex + Design Magazine, which I love and there was an article title “The Instagram Becomes a Reality” and there was my camera from my skirt (kinda).

It makes me really happy when I can wear something a little artier or homemade rather than thrifted or bought from a retail plus size store, so wearing this skirt amuses me, as I hope it does you.