Getting Ready for an Urban Art Festival

As most of you know I volunteer for the Burning Man Project, so yesterday my husband and I went to Oakland to help prep the ArtIsMobilUs, a school bus turned mobile art gallery. They removed the previous mural and put up new wood so a collaborative mural can be created on the first night of the Central Market Arts Festival, located at 6th Street and Market on Friday September 28. I took photos and as usual, he did the hard work.

This t-shirt is so me. I love the theme of peace and change and I did not even realize it had little studs and rhinestones when I bought it on line.

T-shirt: Lane Bryant size 26-28 purchased on FatToo
Jeans: Torrid Tripp NYC size 28
Bracelets: Torrid
Shoes: Lane Bryant, worn with ruffled anklets

Close up of the t-shirt pattern

Do It Yourself (DIY) at Burning Man

It was Friday at Burning Man and I was volunteering for the Burning Man Project.  My job was to chat with people and find out how they were bringing the Burning Man ethos to their home town, or to just give them some time out of the sun. While I was there I ran into my friend Molly Vikart. She was with some friends waiting for an art tour. Molly told me that Jessica (see photo) created a mini that morning for their outing, so I wanted to share it with you.

Jessica cut the skirt to the length she wanted and then took the leftovers and tied them around her calf to bring the whole look together. I thought it was very clever and gutsy, and she looked FAB. (And I LOVED the hat) How about you? Ciao Bellas…affinity

Twitter Togs

Since I am helping with various communications for the Burning Man Project, they suggested I go to a presentation at the David All Group (DAG).  This was the first of a series of events that will take place synchronously between the DAG Washington, DC and San Francisco teams.  I was live in the San Francisco office, which I loved. The event focused on “The Essentials of Twitter”.  I have not tweeted much either for myself nor for any of the entities that I run social media for, so I had a lot to learn and as usual I most enjoyed learning about metrics or the suggested frequency and timing for the optimization of your tweets.

Sometime yesterday (perhaps posted by the David All Group) I ran across this Twitter Outfit (below) from Social Media Inspired Outfits.  So of course I had to put together my darker version of the Twitter Inspired Outfit, including the Twitter Bird logo (see the photo above with David All). My outfit is not exactly a match but I thought the Twitter Outfit was a little corporate for my taste.

Here are the deets:
Bird Pendant: Designed by my good friend Laura Kimpton as gifts for Burning Man 2009
Cami: Very Old 2X Emme
Skirt: Tripp Size 5x from Torrid
You can’t see them but I also have capri leggings and boots of course as well as the bracelets I have been wearing everyday for a month.  I like to think of this outfit as the funky Twitter look. LOL

I am going to download DAG’s “Essentials of Pinterest” because I feel like I would love Pinterest but just have not taken the time to check it out, so you may see my version of that outfit too.  So thanks to the David All Group for having me come to their offices.  Hope to see you at Burning Man.

Ciao Bellas…affinity

Venice Cruising


Favorite Moment in Venice

Cruising along the Grand Canal in a water taxi with our new Aussie Friends

Favorite Question: How do you know your friend so well when you live on different continents? Answer: We just met yesterday!

Wearing a Lords of Liverpool tunic from Torrid that says “All you need is Love”. Size 2x. I make it fit by stretching it out when it is still damp since I usually wear a 3X or 4X. I bought mine on EBay and I notice that there is a 3x on there today,  I forgot to tell you that the t-shirt/tunic has all the words to the song written on the back.  It makes me smile to wear it.  It is a low v-neck so I often wear a t-shirt under it…affinity

American Rag – A review

Until recently my interest in fashion had been on hiatus, thus  finding fun clothes in a size 26 -28 was difficult.  So I started reading Skorch Magazine, and one of the first things I saw was a layout with Tiffany from On the Fat Walk, in this size 3X American Rag tunic.  So I stole her look. I figured she would not mind helping the new kid on the block put a look together, since she looked so fabulous in it. It is one of the most comfortable outfits I have ever worn, so I will wearing on the  plane to Venice Italy tomorrow morning.  Thanks Tiffany, for helping me get started…affinity

ERISA Retirement Brunch

And what is ERISA you may ask? ERISA is the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, and for our purposes it is the law that regulates employee benefit plans. Pretty exciting isn’t it?  This is my retirement  brunch with my ERISA attorney friends.  We have all practiced ERISA law for over 20 years and have been friends for almost that long.  It is such a treat to know them and and be able to discuss the law, and our lives, and all the things old friends talk about.  Thanks to each of you, Barbara, Connie, Kathy and Ina for sending me off into the world of not working.

As you can see, I am wearing the dress that I wore to my last retirement event.  It is just perfect for a little more than jeans but a little less than dressy…affinity

Kmart Festival Dress – OMG – It Fits!

 This week there was a going away party at the Burning Man Headquarters because one of my favorite people ever and the Communications Manager and Regional Network Manager, Andie Grace is moving on.  She was my boss when I was the Wedding Coordinator for Burning Man for several years and I will miss her terribly. Although it was 68 degrees in San Francisco that day I knew it would be warm at the party so I wore my new sundress.

A couple of weeks ago I decided that I should check out kmart’s plus size clothes, just ’cause.  I ordered this Festival Dress in a Size 26-28 (my size)  for $18.74 with an extra 15% off, and it is 100% cotton, what a bargain.  I had no  hope of it fitting and then it came and when I tried it on it did not fit, but while I was putting it back in the bag and felt a drawstring which untied and then tried again – and OMG it fits and it is precious.  I cannot remember the last time I was so happy with a piece of clothing.  It was made for Burning Man or a hot day in the city.  It also comes in a print and if you wear this sort of thing it is a must have.  You might also want to check out the rest of the Love Your Style Love Your Size line.  I am pleasantly surprised by kmart plus sizes…affinity

Necklace: I made this is 2009, Precious Metal Clay and Colored Pencil
Bra: White strapless Goddess bra, fabric spray painted green for project
Bracelet: Handmade gift at Burning Man 2006
Earrings: Dichroic Glass from Etsy

Just for your amusement I have added a photo of the project that the bra was spray painted for, I made a life size paper mache of Tara: the Tibetian Goddess of Compassion.  I don’t paper mache anymore but I thought this might make you smile.
photo of me and Tara: Julian Cash

photo: George Post

Twelve Days to Retirement…But Who’s Counting?

I have twelve working days until I retire, after working for more than 47 years.  So I want to show you my work drag while I am still wearing it.  I bought these pants at the Avenue store in Palm Desert, CA.  I like to shop on the desert when I am there because they have lighter weight clothing which feels great to me. This jacket is a couple of years old and is from In Full Swing, a clothing store in Oakland, CA owned by one of my closest friends.  I especially love this jacket because I love text in any language, but especially Chinese.  My husband and I have been to China a couple of times and I could never find anything in my size, so I always think of this as my Chinese jacket.  The Count Down Begins…Twelve…affinity

Jacket: Painted Pony – Size 3X – Great Fit
Slacks: Avenue – Size 28 – Good length & love the belt loops
Turtleneck: L.L. Bean – Size 3X

Coral – The Universal Color?

I love the look of a cropped, lightweight cardigan over my everyday wardrobe.  I have worn it to work, then out for the evening and to lunch with the girls.  It brightens up my look (my husband likes it when I wear something besides black) with a sweater that is light enough to leave on all day.  And did you know that coral is considered a universal color and looks good on everyone?  Do you agree with that?…affinity

Sweater: Torrid – Size 4X
Bracelets – Torrid – Size 4X
Cami – Avenue – Size 26 – 28


OMG!  I am so excited to have a Betsey Johnson sweater that I just had to show it to you right away! I love Betsey Johnson and it would never have occurred to me that even an “oversized” sweater would ever fit my size 26-28 torso, and then to find LOVE… since I am a child of the sixties, thank you Tracy of Chubble Bubble (who IS Domino Dollhouse) for showing me it could work! You made my week!…affinity

If you want to try one of Betsey Johnson’s oversized sweaters, try here!