Being Bees on the Playa

The theme at the festival on the desert I go to was Fertility 2.0 this year.  My personal take on it is that because the event is spreading into the world they thought Fertility 2.0 was a good theme.  I do not usually pay much attention to the theme but I was asked to help with registration at a party and could we please dress as bees or flowers or some such thing.  Well guess what, no one else showed up in a costume, but it is a party, right, so we put our smiles on our faces and had fun.

I had not intended to write this post because there is not a perfect photo that is becoming and shows my wings and antennae and outfit.  But we had so much fun and it so makes me smile that I decided to go ahead and write a post.  I bought 2 pairs of antennae and a pair of wings, and then I wrapped my black skirt and tshirt in yellow masking tape, and wrapped up Edgie, who was helping me with registration and has my friend for over 20 years, right at the party.  After the party I took off the masking tape and gave the wings and antenna to a 10 year old who was thrilled to have them, so it was a win all around.  Sometimes it is okay to just be a little silly.  Ciao Bellas…affinity

Our Guest – Jenny Strauss

Yesterday when I was perusing Facebook I fell in love with this skirt that Jenny Strauss is wearing, especially the petticoat peeking out at the bottom, and asked her if I could blog it.  So I was even more excited when she told me that the skirt was custom made by Peach Berserk in Toronto.  Peach Berserk’s tag line is Funky Clothes – Painted Clothes – Hand Printed Women’s Wear, which I find very promising for my future wardrobe, and as her friend points out “I love their design your own dress page!!!”

Jenny Says:  They have prints, fabrics, colors, and you pick them all with the style you want. Mix and match fabulousness. The top was a gift from my mom maybe 18 years ago so not much I can say about that. The leggings are IDEA from ReDress (got them at the NOLOSE conference in Oakland last year). Shoes are Fluevogs, style: Mini Gorgeous. Necklace from a boutique on the Oregon coast. Glasses Jean LaFont. Hair, Jenny. 🙂

So welcome Jenny, looking forward to seeing more of you here at Affatshionista…affinity