Desperately Seeking Knee High Boots!

I love boots and I REALLY want a pair of knee high boots.  I see them everywhere, in my Burning Man community and everyday in downtown San Francisco.  But I am a funny girl, I actually get overwhelmed if I have on clothes that are too heavy or dense.  So I am not sure knee high boots will even work for me or that I could wear them for an entire day.

You can wear boots year round in San Francisco because the average temperature is 64 degrees, thus they are a fashion basic. A couple of months ago I popped into my local Torrid store and they had boots that fit but they were huge in the ankle. I have fat calves, smallish ankles, bummer ;(.

So I kept looking, and then Jessica Kane posted a note about these British, wide calf boots.  Let’s see, I want a low heel, knee high, small ankle, black, and their Duo Malmo seems to come pretty close, and has a squarish toe so that is a plus, but they are pricey at $220 US. They are gorgeous but the reviews indicate that they too may have wide ankles, but the bigger issue is that my husband and I have a deal at our house that I will not order boots by mail, because in the 20 years we have been together I have never been successful.  I bet I have sent back 10 pairs of boots.  And if I did have to return them I am sure it would be pricey, the site says…”Please note that the cost of returning goods to DUO is borne by you“.

So what do you think, should I give them a go, talk my husband into giving me a dispensation to order one more pair of boots by mail, or pass and just love the boots I have?…affinity

When in Doubt Wear Purple!

As a brand new plus size/curvy/fat fashion blogger I have been exploring other blogs to get to know how this world has changed since I was an avid shopper in the 80s and 90s and to see which blogs I want to provide links to on my blog. My questions for myself have been, did I want variety or was I more interested in like minded bloggers? One of my priorities in blogging is to find and share clothes at the larger end of plus size fashion, or what I am calling “Curvier” on my blog. There is a lot of shopping and blogging in the world of size 24 and under and I find myself searching for size 24+ shopping and blogs. My mission is twofold, does it look like something they are wearing would fit me and did they point me to shopping I did not know about?

So I was thrilled when I stumbled across, When In Doubt Wear Purple and the blogger, Shawna, was wearing this fabulous skirt, that would clearly fit me, YAY. And guess what, not only did Shawna make it, she has a shop that SELLS them, Chubby Cartwheels, up to a size 32, and she will also make custom sizes. Obviously I hit the mother lode. I emailed and asked if I could feature her on Affatshionista, and she said of course. So imagine my surprise when I was cruising around the internet a few days later and there was When in Doubt Wear Purple featured in Plus Model Magazine.  And then a few days later at Skorch Magazine. So I am happy to be a part of the curvy fashion world that is introducing you to Shawna of When in Doubt Wear Purple and her shop, Chubby Cartwheelsaffinity

P.S. And guess what, I heard a rumor that Shawna is doing a giveaway from her shop so this is a perfect time to check her out!