Emerald Wearing eShakti Plus Size at Burning Man Headquarters

Emerald wearing eShakti - Customized

Emerald wearing eShakti Customized

My friend Emerald, who works at Burning Man Headquarters, asked me about my blog a few months ago, and then perused it. She then told me she had ordered from eShakti, here is her story:

With a Burning Man identity of “Emerald” and finding myself blessed with a job at the headquarters in San Francisco I decided to splurge on a dress.   It turned out not to be quite a splurge as this dress was on sale and I had a first-time-buyer discount.  I paid a total of $23.90.

Here are the measurements I provided to eShakti:

  • Lengthofarm:Short
  • Upperarm:15
  • Hip:55
  • Waist:45
  • Underbust:41
  • Bust:45
  • Chest:44
  • Shoulder:17
  • I’m 5 feet tall and weigh ~210.
I get a lot of compliments on this outfit.  It’s comfortable and fun to wear.   The only measurement I have a problem with is shoulder-to-shoulder and I need to go back and re-measure myself.  The dress crosses from front to back too close to my shoulder and you can’t pull it in because of the design.   I wear a blouse under it (most of the time anyway) as it is cut lower than I would wear it during the day.
Overall I am thrilled to get a dress cut to size that I really enjoy.

Thanks Emerald for taking the time to share with us how eShakti worked for you and you look fabulous in your dress.

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  1. Here I am finally seeing this on an actual computer and able to respond. I was and am thrilled to have my custom sized Emerald dress! Lots of amazing fashion and shopping tips here and I feel like a star!

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