Marsha Coupé

Marsha Coupé

Marsha Coupé

Someone I did not know friended me on Facebook this morning and I do not usually accept a friend request unless I recognize the person, but on a whim I accepted the request and there was Marsha Coupé.  The first post I saw from her was this photo, pretty fun!  Then I looked around and guess what, she has a blog, the Lover’s Kitchen.  Welcome Marsha.

I will be posting various friend’s blogs here in the new few weeks to share their wisdom, fun and lives with you.


3 thoughts on “Marsha Coupé

  1. Warmest Greetings Dear Affinity.
    You do a terrific job with your blog, my friend. Lovers Kitchen is actually a book I’m writing for playful, romantic gourmands. I use modified blogging software, but the site is what I call a sampler. I use it to give magazines, newspapers and publishers a taste of Lovers Kitchen. And it’s a grEAT way to meet like-minded people.

    I’ve only been on Facebook 12 days, so when friends suggest other friends to me I don’t waste time introducing myself. Thank you for the warm welcome. – Marsha

  2. I found out about Marsha through this post. I am so glad about it. Had found her blog to be so inspiring and just wonderful 🙂 .

    Also recently started following you. Love your blog 🙂 XX

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