My Favorite Emmy Dress Tonight

January Jones wore my favorite dress of the evening but it was on the Worst Dressed List. That makes me a little concerned about my taste. Does that mean they would throw me off Project Runway for not having any taste? You know I like a little verve. I would love to hear what y’all think about this? Yea or Nay?

And my friend Sharon from In Full Swing mentioned all the yellow on the Red Carpet. Who can wear all that yellow? OMG, wake me up from this fashion nightmare. Ciao Bellas…affinity

5 thoughts on “My Favorite Emmy Dress Tonight

  1. I haven’t seen the other dresses on the Emmy red carpet but I have to say I’m not loving this look on January Jones. I like that she is trying something different and I like the black chiffon with the striping details, but something about this dress just isn’t working for me, Although I do appreciate asymmetry, this just looks kind of lopsided, and the bodice with the crisscross striping and the asymmetrical skirt is just not fitting her body well. I also don’t really like her styling. The platform shoes aren’t right with this light chiffony material, and I don’t like the raccoon eyeliner look and the slicked back hair with the dress. With the poufy dress she maybe should have gone for more of a classic twist or swept back, loose curls on the hair, and more of an old school Grace Kelly glamour sort of look on the makeup. Some bling would also have been nice – maybe a Harry Winston necklace, or some diamond earrings? An A for effort, but more of a C for execution.

  2. Like the dress, hate the hair and make up. JJ is a beautiful woman but you wouldn’t know it from this pic.

  3. I, also, like the idea, but not so much the execution–I’d like it a lot better if the bust and shoulder parts were symmetrical. That is a lot of yellow! Most yellows work better with a nice tan, or darker skin–as with orange and lime. I’m just tan enough to make those colors work, generally. 😉

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