Affinity Goes to Burning Man

In the spirit of shopping my closet before Burning Man this year I pulled out a skirt that I had silk-screened 10 years ago but never really found a way to wear it.  So I designed a t-shirt on Custom Plus to match the skirt.  I purchased a 4X but I think when I have a shirt made next time I will buy a 3X in this tank top.  Custom Plus is the only place on the web that I have been able to find that will make a woman’s t-shirt in a 4X and I love them for it.  The art in the background is EGO envisioned by my friend Laura Kimpton and it burned on Saturday night.

My necklaces are pieces I have collected over the years, given to me by artists and other Burners.  The EGO necklace did not fit since it is designed to fit tightly around my neck and it was given to me at Burning Man this year, but I have since added a necklace extender and now it fits perfectly.

I thought you might like to see my scooter.  Burning Man is a bike culture but I am allowed a scooter because I have a Disablilty Sticker for my car.  You can also see my little dusty shoes.  Most people wear boots but I find them way too warm on the desert so I wear regular lace leather shoes from our local plus size consignment store, Seams to Fit.

And last but not least  I thought you might like to see my hat with a rhinestone hatband made from wedding rhinestone ribbon and the Imagine Peace button is from a Yoko Ono art exhibit several years ago and one of my favorite belongings. Yoko had gifted hundreds of them to the attendees of the exhibit. You can see the new tattoo is doing very well and just as a reminder it means means “affinity” or “kindred” in Sanskrit. Great year at Burning Man 2012! Ciao Bellas…affinity

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