Casual Friday

On Fridays, like all of you, I dress a little more casually.  This is one of my favorite outfits.  It just feels like who I am.

Sweater: Torrid, 4X, it is kind of a shrug and it fits just above my waist

Cami: Avenue, size 26-28

Belt: Bob’s Belts, Size 50 – This is the largest one he makes in this 1.5 inch width and I have a couple of holes left on the belt so someone a little larger than a 4X might be able to wear it

Bracelets: Torrid – I love that they are large enough to go over my hand.  This is one set of bangles with the larger ones on one arm and the smaller ones on the other arm.

Jeans: Tripp, Size 28 (short) from Torrid

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